20 New Types of Aesthetics in 2024 Growing Popularity

20 New Types of Aesthetics in 2024 Growing Popularity - Aesthetic Fashion Blog - Orezoria

In 2024, aesthetic fashion is more than just the clothes you wear – it’s about the energy you give off. Personal aesthetics have always been a way to attract like-minded people and express your true self. Now, there are even more types of aesthetics to choose from. Understanding different aesthetics can be helpful when trying to find your style. Our list of aesthetics is here to guide you and help you find your perfect look. Don’t forget to check out our Aesthetics Wiki for even more inspiration.
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We’ve curated a list of the top 20 new types of aesthetics that have been gaining popularity at the beginning of 2024. Comment on which aesthetic type is your favorite.

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Opiumcore Aesthetic

The Opiumcore Aesthetic is a fashion movement that emerged in 2023 and has quickly gained popularity. It combines elements of dark elegance, unconventional silhouettes, and mystical motifs. This is mixed with a modern urbancore and dark grunge style. This unique combination has made a significant impact on the fashion industry.

Opium fashion draws inspiration from the mysterious and alluring. It emphasizes rich textures, intricate details, and a feeling of darkness. The avant-garde designs and unconventional silhouettes give this aesthetic a sophisticated edge. The inclusion of the gothic style contributes a distinct and ethereal quality.

The roots of Opiumcore can be traced back to early pioneers of this style, like Spaceghostpurrp and Lil Tracy. However, it gained widespread recognition when Playboi Carti’s album “Whole Lotta Red” embraced a punk-influenced, darker sound. It was accompanied by gothic and Satanist imagery.

Opiumcore is a style of alternative influences and high fashion. It features brands like Rick Owens, Balenciaga, and Maison Margiela. It offers a fresh and edgy take on fashion. It attracts those who embrace a dark and unconventional style.

Whimsical Goth

Whimsical Goth Aesthetic

The Whimsical Goth, also known as “Whimsigothic,” is a visual aesthetic that combines gloomy and dreamy elements. It has similarities with Witchcore, Goblincore, Fairy Grunge, and Gothic styles. Whimsy Goth is a dark, gothic theme with a whimsical twist and fairy motifs. It celebrates the joy of the unexpected and the charm of the unconventional.

In terms of fashion, Whimsical Goth draws inspiration from “witchy” clothing. It typically features dark, saturated colors such as purple, emerald green, and maroon. Layering and flowy fabrics are key elements, and patterned fabrics are prominent. Vintage and quirky elements, like oversized bows, ruffles, and vintage-inspired accessories, add a whimsical touch to the gothic style. This aesthetic embraces light-hearted and dark elements. It creates an enchanting and haunting style.

Girlhood Core

Girlhood Core Aesthetic

The Girlhood Core aesthetic has become the foundation for different aesthetics and a wide range of micro-internet trends. These trends celebrate ‘girl’ behaviors, encompass childhood nostalgia, feminist defiance, and indulging in pastimes before obligations. Girls just wanna have fun.

The 2023 was a “year of the girl.” This was due to the success of Barbiecore and a focus on girly aesthetics and a baby pink color palette. The rise of online discourse among young women has led to the use of terms like “girl dinner” and “girlhood” to describe different aspects of their lives. These terms create a sense of camaraderie among girl-identifying individuals and help them express their experiences and challenges authentically.

This online girlhood core community challenges societal expectations. It also romanticizes the ordinary parts of their lives. They celebrate femininity and self-expression.

Some specific fashion trends within girlhood aesthetics, such as Coquette and Balletcore, draw inspiration from past styles but also raise questions about infantilization and sexualization. However, the girlhood core aesthetic aims to empower and authentically celebrate femininity and freedom.

Office Siren

Office Siren Aesthetic

If you’ve ever had an office crush, you know the feeling. But what if you could be the one that everyone secretly admires as you walk by their cubicle? Well, there’s a TikTok trend for that. The Office Siren aesthetic is taking the fashion world by storm. It’s inspired by ’90s and ’00s trends, Bella Hadid, and classic romantic comedies. The 2024 year, it’s the look to have. The key to achieving the Office Siren fashionable aesthetic look is to embrace form-fitting dresses, and tops that accentuate curves, paired with high-waisted pencil skirts, A-line skirts, or tailored trousers for a sleek and polished appearance.

Y2K office wear made a comeback on the runways and TikTok. With the rise of remote work and casual office attire, Gen Z is now rediscovering the world of the office. To maintain a sense of style while still looking professional, TikTokers are turning to Gisele Bündchen’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada,” modern-day Miu Miu, and ’90s Prada for inspiration. The style is sleek, feminine, and tailored, with neutral colors.

But the office siren look isn’t just about appearances. It’s about embracing a character and injecting some excitement into otherwise boring office attire. The days of lifeless corporate clothes are gone, replaced by looks that you wouldn’t mind wearing for post-work drinks.

Coastal Cowgirl

Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

The Coastal Cowgirl fashion combines the adventurous spirit of the Wild West with the calm and beauty of the ocean and Boho fashion. This unique style blends classic cowboy elements with beachy colors and fabrics. It creates a look that effortlessly intertwines rugged Western charm and the fluidity of coastal living.

To achieve this aesthetic, the key is to pair denim with linen and lassos with seashells. The Coastal Cowgirl look embraces the essence of the West. It incorporates elements inspired by the sea, from linen dresses to denim vests, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats. The color palette includes ocean blues, sandy beige, and sunset oranges. It also features denim blues, capturing both the serene hues of the coast and the warm tones of a coastal sunset. These pieces are perfect for hot days and long nights, taking you from sunrise to midnight in style.

Tomboy Femme

Tomboy Femme Aesthetic

The Tomboy Femme Aesthetic is a unique style. It effortlessly combines tomboy fashion with feminine elements. It embraces the confidence and boldness of tomboy characteristics. It also incorporates delicate jewelry, pastel hues, and beautiful floral dresses. This style creates an enchanting and one-of-a-kind appearance.

Regardless of gender identity, everyone should have the freedom to explore and experiment with their expression of gender through fashion. Whether you lean towards more feminine or more masculine vibes, fashion should be a source of enjoyment and creativity. The clothes we wear are like costumes that allow us to express ourselves. Fashion should be a fun and personal experience.

Trashy Y2K

Trashy Y2K Aesthetic

The Trashy Y2K Aesthetic contrasts the futuristic and feminine style of the 2000s aesthetic by embracing a more rebellious and youthful attitude. This edgy, yet popular aesthetic is characterized by provocative clothing choices, bright makeup, and daring accessories that stand out in stark contrast to the soft and futuristic elements of the traditional Y2K style.

Trashy Y2K fashion often includes low-rise jeans, crop tops, and daring hair and makeup looks that exude a sense of boldness and confidence. It can be described as an exaggerated Y2K baddie aesthetic.

Mob Wife

Mob Wife Aesthetic

The Mob Wife aesthetic is the latest 2024 fashion trend taking TikTok by storm. It’s a departure from the previous trend of quiet luxury styles. This trend embraces boldness, messiness, and unapologetic fashion choices. Animal prints, statement jewelry, and black leather are key elements of this trend. A fabulous faux fur coat is also key.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa have already embraced the mob-wife vibes. Many are excited to experiment with this style. The TV show “The Sopranos” had its 25th anniversary recently. The resurgence of this style couldn’t have come at a better time.

The mob-wife embraces a messy and carefree approach to hairstyling. It also features extravagant makeup with smoky eyes and red lipstick. This fashion style is flashy, exudes wealth, and makes a statement about the person wearing it. The overall vibe is one of confidence, power, and unapologetic femininity, making the Mob Wife Aesthetic an iconic and unforgettable style.

Dark Feminine

Dark Feminine Aesthetic

Diving into the world of Dark Feminine aesthetic can be an incredibly empowering experience. Stepping away from traditional expectations, it embraces passion and femininity with mystery and strength. As you explore this captivating world, you’ll find that the dark feminine aesthetic offers a unique perspective on beauty, style, and self-expression. Layered textures, antique jewelry, and a color palette of deep, rich tones are essential elements of this aesthetic. Think flowing black lace, velvet, and brocade paired with ornate, vintage-inspired jewelry.

Ideal settings for rocking this look include atmospheric locations such as vintage apartments, old castles, or overgrown gardens. The Dark Feminine style is perfect for evening events, Gothic-themed parties, or simply for embracing your inner dark romanticism on any day.


Coquette Aesthetic

The Coquette Aesthetic is all about embracing a soft, feminine allure with a touch of vintage inspiration. It’s the epitome of “girl core” and has gained popularity in the past year as people have put their own unique spin on it. This aesthetic blends seamlessly with Balletcore. It features lace blouses, silky fabrics, and a delicate touch.

The French word “coquette” refers to a flirtatious and attractive young woman. This style celebrates the grace, charm, and whimsy of femininity. Wardrobes inspired by Coquette often showcase Lolita dresses, and softcore crop tops in pastel colors, as well as soft and romantic colors like pink blush, powder blue, and ivory. They also often feature motifs such as florals, lace, and bows, which add to the ethereal and delicate vibe.

We agree that the Coquette isn’t really a new aesthetic style, but it earned its place in our list because of its huge popularity among all other types of aesthetics since mid-2023.

Coquette Academia

Coquette Academia Aesthetic

The Coquette Academia Aesthetic perfectly blends the delicate and feminine charm of the Coquette fashion with the intellectual and nostalgic elements of the Light Academia. it emphasizes a romanticized appreciation of education and literature while showcasing hyper-femininity, youth, and grace through clothing, makeup, and accessories.

In terms of fashion, the Coquette Academia incorporates soft, flowing fabrics such as lace and chiffon. It also uses pastel or neutral colors to create an ethereal and romantic look. Floral dresses and vintage dresses, tied collars, puff sleeves, and high-waisted skirts add a touch of vintage charm. Floral patterns, delicate accessories like pearl earrings, and ribbon headbands complete the look. This style celebrates the beauty of intellectual pursuits and literature. It also maintains a delicate and feminine passion.

Retro Core / Eclectic Retro

Retro Core and Eclectic Retro Aesthetic

The Retro Core / Eclectic Retro Aesthetic blends vintage styles with a modern twist. It is influenced by Gen Z’s love for ’90s grunge, ’70s Boho chic, and ’60s mod aesthetics. Mixing and matching textures, layering, and prints is key to creating a unique retro outfit. Consider pairing oversized jackets with contemporary garments, incorporating tie-dyed prints, and experimenting with flared pants.

The Retro Core aesthetic is fashion-forward. It also promotes sustainability by encouraging the use of retro clothing. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and yard sales are great places to find one-of-a-kind retro pieces of 80s and 90s aesthetic. This not only reduces the environmental impact of fast fashion but also adds a unique touch to your vintage aesthetic wardrobe.

Hopecore and Earthcore

Hopecore and Earthcore​ Aesthetics

Hopecore and Earthcore are two aesthetic movements that celebrate optimism, nature, and sustainability. They draw elements from the beauty and strength of the natural world and inspired by the earthy and inspirational aspects of life.

Hopecore emphasizes hope, resilience, and positivity in the face of adversity. It is characterized by bright and cheerful colors. It has uplifting messages and designs that promote a sense of optimism. Nature plays a central role in Hopecore. Art and fashion often include imagery of flowers, animals, and landscapes.

On the other hand, Earthcore Aesthetic is rooted in the values of sustainability, environmental consciousness, and a deep connection to the natural world. It draws inspiration from the textures, colors, and patterns found in nature. It embraces a more subdued and earthy color palette. Earthcore is often associated with eco-friendly practices. It promotes a greener lifestyle.


Acubi Aesthetic

The Acubi Aesthetic is minimalistic style that emphasizes simplicity in clothing. It’s a great option for those who want to look stylish without putting in a lot of effort. The essential components of Acubi fashion include plain t-shirts, denim skirts or shorts, and minimalistic jewelry. It combines elements of Minimalist, Y2K, and Subversive styles to create a unique and creative look.

Acubi fashion focuses on keeping things minimal yet trendy, although it can be challenging to find the right balance. One way to achieve this is by upcycling old clothing to create versatile yet simple pieces. This allows you to create new outfits on a budget.

While it may resemble the Subversive basics aesthetic, Acubi fashion has its distinct style. It has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest.

Subversive Basics

Subversive Basics Aesthetic

Can a trend be both avant-garde and minimalistic? Subversive basics aesthetic have managed to strike a balance. It’s the outfit pieces that often in muted neutral tones, feature bold cutouts, slashes, twists, layers, and straps. Body-hugging dresses contour the body with geometric cutouts.

By transforming a simple white t-shirt into a garment with holes and playing with asymmetrical designs, the shirt rebels against its original form and purpose. The same goes for tights that have been cut and reworked into a crop top. In many ways, it gives the wearer a reimagined, second skin.

Avant Apocalypse

Avant Apocalypse Aesthetic

The Avant Apocalypse Aesthetic is a unique style. It combines post-apocalyptic and futuristic elements to create a distinct look. This style incorporates rugged and distressed clothing with a futuristic twist. It often uses metallic and industrial materials. The color palette typically consists of dark, muted colors. This captures the essence of a world after a catastrophic event.

Distressed clothing plays a significant role in achieving the rugged, worn-in feel of this aesthetic. Additionally, metallic materials are added to give a futuristic edge. Tech-inspired accessories, such as cybernetic-inspired jewelry, harnesses, and utility belts, are often incorporated to enhance the avant-garde style.

To complete the Avant Apocalypse Aesthetic look, avant-garde makeup and hairstyles are utilized. These makeup and hairstyles often feature metallic or dark, edgy elements. This further enhances the post-apocalyptic and futuristic theme.


Weirdcore Aesthetic

The Weirdcore Aesthetic is all about embracing a unique and mad approach to fashion. It is a style that thrives on incorporating unusual and eclectic pieces into outfits, creating a strange and daring look that is unconventionally beautiful. Thematically, Weirdcore represents disorientation and can be seen as a modern-day Alice in an Alternative Wonderland.

Key elements of the Weirdcore look include mixing different styles and incorporating unique accessories. This might involve pairing vintage pieces with modern items or combining unexpected patterns and textures. Accessorizing with unconventional jewelry, unusual hats, or avant-garde footwear is also a common feature of the Weirdcore style.


Quackcore Aesthetic

The Quackcore Aesthetic is a unique and humorous aesthetic style. It draws inspiration from ducks, geese, penguins, and all things that “quack.” It embodies the peaceful and carefree nature of duck life. It incorporates elements of nature, simplicity, comfort, whimsy, and occasional internal bird rage into everyday style. Quackcore fashion is characterized by earthy tones. It includes duck-themed prints and relaxed, comfortable attire. Remember the “Untitled Goose Game” or the comedy vibes of Pingu Penguin? The Quackcore is making it real.

Rave Aesthetic

Rave Aesthetic

The Rave Aesthetic is heavily influenced by the music and dance culture. Fashion choices reflect the energetic and free-spirited nature of the rave scene. This distinctive style is inspired by electronic dance music, DJ culture, and underground rave parties. It creates a visually dynamic and exciting style.

The rave fashion incorporates vibrant neon colors, trippy patterns, and futuristic elements. This creates an eye-catching and energetic look. Comfort and movement are important factors in clothing choices. Ravers prioritize being able to dance and move easily for extended periods of time. Ravers often pair baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, and colorful accessories with comfortable sneakers or platform boots. This allows for maximum movement and comfort.

Plant Mom

Plant Mom Aesthetic

The Plant Mom Aesthetic is all about embracing and embodying the love of plants and nature in every aspect of daily life. It focuses on bringing a sense of greenery and tranquility into personal style and living spaces. It involves integrating nature-inspired elements, such as plant-themed clothing, accessories, and decor. It creates a harmonious and earthy vibe and is very closely related to the Artsy and Indie aesthetics but with a purer vibe.

For those following the Plant Mom fashion, clothing adorned with floral prints, leaf motifs, or earthy tones are essential components of their personal style. Options for jeans include mom jeans, light denim jumpsuits, and vintage high-waisted jeans, which can be paired with light-toned tees and cardigans. Accessories like botanical-inspired jewelry and plant-themed bags further enhance the nature-inspired look. In living spaces, Plant Moms use real and faux greenery, botanical prints, and earthy decor. This creates a peaceful and natural ambiance.

In conclusion, the world is constantly evolving and expanding, with new types of aesthetics and fashion styles emerging every year. As we look ahead to 2024, it’s clear that the definition of beauty is becoming increasingly diverse and personalized. From Eco-synthesis to Nostalgic Futurism, there’s an aesthetic out there for everyone to embrace and express their unique sense of style.

We would love to hear from you – which of the new types of aesthetics you adore the most.
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