Cool Squirtle Squad Floor Rug Mat Y2K Animecore Aesthetic


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Welcome to the ultimate blend of nostalgia and style with our Cool Squirtle Squad Floor Rug Mat. Transform your space into a captivating haven inspired by the Y2K era and Animecore Aesthetic. This unique rug comes in 2 design options, each crafted to elevate your room decor to new heights. Free shipping in the US and worldwide.

Size – Width: 120 cm (47.24 inches);

Immerse yourself in the 2K Retro Anime Style as you step onto this carefully designed floor rug. Perfect for Animecore Aesthetic enthusiasts, it seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics. The rug is not just a piece of decor; it’s a statement reflecting your love for Y2K Room Decor, Harajuku Aesthetic, Geek Room Decor, and Animecore TikTok Room Decorations.

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted with premium materials, our rug ensures durability and comfort underfoot.
  • Vibrant Design Options: Choose between two captivating designs that resonate with Y2K and Animecore Aesthetic vibes.
  • Non-Slip Backing: Enjoy safety and stability with the non-slip backing, keeping the rug securely in place.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintain the rug’s pristine appearance effortlessly, making it ideal for everyday use.
  • Versatile Decor: Elevate any room with this versatile rug that complements various styles and themes.

Revitalize your living space with the Cool Squirtle Squad Floor Rug Mat. Imbue your surroundings with the charm of 2K Retro Anime Style, whether you’re a dedicated Animecore enthusiast or someone seeking a unique touch for their room. Make a bold statement with every step you take. Order now and let the aesthetics of the Y2K era redefine your living space!

Transform your space with the Cool Squirtle Squad Floor Rug Mat. Elevate your room decor with 2K Retro Anime Style. Order now for a touch of Y2K nostalgia!

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Free Shipping to US & Canada: 10-25 Days.
Free Shipping to EU and other countries: 14-25 Days.

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