Deep Purple T-Shirt Unisex Butterflies On Back E-Kids Style


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Elevate your little one’s wardrobe with our Deep Purple T-Shirt, designed for unisex fashion enthusiasts. This eye-catching shirt features a stunning display of butterflies on the back, adding a whimsical touch to any outfit. Free shipping in the US and worldwide.

XS – Chest: 88 cm (34.6 inches); Length: 62 cm (24.4 inches)

S – Chest: 92 cm (36.2 inches); Length: 64 cm (25.2 inches)

M – Chest: 96 cm (37.8 inches); Length: 66 cm (26 inches)

L – Chest: 100 cm (39.4 inches); Length: 68 cm (26.8 inches)

XL – Chest: 104 cm (40.9 inches); Length: 70 cm (27.6 inches)

2XL – Chest: 108 cm (42.5 inches); Length: 72 cm (28.3 inches)

3XL – Chest: 112 cm (44.1 inches); Length: 74 cm (29.1 inches)

With its E-Kids Style, this t-shirt is ideal for trendy kids who enjoy expressing themselves through unique fashion choices. The vibrant purple color not only stands out but also adds a touch of elegance to their wardrobe.

  • Unisex Deep Purple T-Shirt featuring beautiful butterflies on the back
  • E-Kids Style: Perfect for trendy kids who love unique fashion statements
  • Vibrant Purple Color adds a touch of elegance to any outfit
  • High-Quality Cotton Blend ensures comfort and durability
  • Versatile Design suitable for various aesthetics like E-Kids, Butterfly, Harajuku, Fairycore, and TikTok fashion

Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, our t-shirt offers superior comfort and durability. The fabric is soft and breathable, ensuring a cozy feel all day long. Whether they are playing outdoors or hanging out with friends, this shirt will keep them comfortable and stylish.

The versatile design of our t-shirt makes it suitable for various aesthetics. If your child loves the E-Kids trend, this shirt is a must-have addition to their collection. It also complements butterfly aesthetics, allowing them to embrace their love for these enchanting creatures. Additionally, it fits well into Harajuku fashion, known for its bold and eclectic styles.

For those who are into Fairycore aesthetics, this shirt is perfect for creating magical and ethereal outfits. The combination of purple color and butterfly motif embodies the whimsical and enchanting essence of Fairycore fashion. Finally, if your child loves following the latest TikTok fashion trends, this shirt will help them create trendy and eye-catching outfits.

In summary, our Deep Purple T-Shirt is a versatile and stylish choice for E-Kids, butterfly enthusiasts, Harajuku fashion lovers, Fairycore enthusiasts, and TikTok fashionistas. Made with a high-quality cotton blend, it ensures both comfort and durability. Upgrade your child’s wardrobe with this unique piece and let them embrace their personal style with confidence.

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