Hooded Sweatshirt Removable Badges Soft Grunge Aesthetic


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This light grey hoodie is designed to make a statement with its vibrant graffiti art and versatile removable badges. Made from a high-quality blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyethylene terephthalate (polyester), it ensures both durability and softness. Free shipping in the US and worldwide.

Available Sizes:

  • M – Length: 69 cm (27.17 inches); Chest: 124 cm (48.82 inches); Shoulders: 58 cm (22.83 inches); Sleeves: 59 cm (23.23 inches)
  • L – Length: 71 cm (27.95 inches); Chest: 128 cm (50.39 inches); Shoulders: 59.5 cm (23.43 inches); Sleeves: 60.5 cm (23.82 inches)
  • XL – Length: 73 cm (28.74 inches); Chest: 132 cm (51.97 inches); Shoulders: 61 cm (24.02 inches); Sleeves: 62 cm (24.41 inches)
  • 2XL – Length: 75 cm (29.53 inches); Chest: 136 cm (53.54 inches); Shoulders: 72.5 cm (28.54 inches); Sleeves: 63.5 cm (25.00 inches)

This unisex hooded sweatshirt is ideal for anyone who wants to stand out while enjoying ultimate comfort. The zip-up design provides convenience, while the hood adds an extra layer of coziness. Whether you’re dressing up for a casual outing or looking to add an edgy touch to your wardrobe, this hoodie is a must-have. The removable badges allow you to customize your look, adding a unique and personal flair to your outfit.

  • Customizable Style: The removable badges offer endless possibilities to change up your look, making this hoodie a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
  • Comfortable and Durable: Made from a premium blend of cotton and polyester, this sweatshirt is soft on the skin while being resilient enough to withstand everyday wear.
  • Vibrant Graffiti Design: The multi-coloured graffiti art adds a pop of color and creativity, making you stand out in any crowd.
  • Convenient Zip-Up Design: The zip feature makes it easy to put on and take off, providing both style and practicality for any occasion.
  • Unisex Fit: Designed to fit both men and women comfortably, this hoodie is perfect for sharing or gifting to your loved ones.

Can also be used with the Grunge Aesthetic, the Skater Aesthetic, the Artsy Aesthetic, the Dreamcore Aesthetic and others.

Experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and customization with our Hooded Sweatshirt with Zip, Removable Badges, and Multi-Coloured Graffiti. Ideal for anyone looking to express their unique style in a trendy and comfortable way. Don’t miss out on this versatile and stylish piece – order yours today and enjoy free shipping worldwide!

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