Ripped Bottom Short Denim Women Jumpsuit Soft Grunge


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Indulge in the retro revival with our Ripped Bottom Short Denim Women Jumpsuit. This statement-making piece, available in both light blue and black, embodies the soft grunge aesthetic perfectly, while seamlessly transitioning into coconut girl style and softie style, letting you make a unique fashion statement. Designed from high-quality denim material, our jumpsuit takes your summer fashion to a whole new level while providing comfort that lasts all day. Don’t miss out on this trendsetting piece. Free shipping in the US and worldwide.

XS – Waist: 62 cm (24.4 inches); Hips: 89 cm (35 inches)

S – Waist: 66 cm (26 inches); Hips: 93 cm (36.6 inches)

M – Waist: 70 cm (27.6 inches); Hips: 97 cm (38.2 inches)

L – Waist: 74 cm (29.1 inches); Hips: 101 cm (39.8 inches)

XL – Waist: 78 cm (30.7 inches); Hips: 105 cm (41.3 inches)

Each jumpsuit captures the essence of retro core outfits with meticulous attention to detail. The ripped bottom design adds an edge to your look, transforming your everyday style into a fashion-forward statement. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of this must-have wardrobe staple:

  • High-Quality Denim Material: Our jumpsuit is crafted from top-grade denim that guarantees durability and longevity. It’s resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it remains your style companion for years to come.
  • Versatile Fashion Statement: Perfect for soft grunge aesthetic, coconut girl style, or softie style, this jumpsuit is the epitome of versatile fashion. Effortlessly adapt to any style you desire, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.
  • Comfortable and Chic: While most fashionable outfits compromise on comfort, our denim jumpsuit doesn’t. Its relaxed fit and soft fabric allow you to move freely while keeping you stylish and chic.
  • Summer Fashion Staple: With its light and breathable material, this jumpsuit is an ideal pick for the summer season. Its short length and ripped design let you beat the heat while maintaining your fashion-forward persona.
  • Ripped Bottom Design: The ripped bottom design of our jumpsuit brings a unique edge to your outfit. It blends perfectly with the retro core style, allowing you to stand out effortlessly.

This exquisite piece not only speaks volumes about your fashion sense but also showcases your willingness to experiment with different styles. Whether you are headed to the beach, a music festival, or simply enjoying a casual day out, our “Ripped Bottom Short Denim Women Jumpsuit” has got you covered. It’s more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a way to express your unique personality.

Let your outfit be the highlight of your day. It’s time to make a statement, be bold, and break the mundane. With the “Ripped Bottom Short Denim Women Jumpsuit”, you’re not just wearing an outfit; you’re wearing confidence. Experience the joy of styling, get your hands on this trend-setting piece today. Transform your style and make heads turn wherever you go!

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Free Shipping to US & Canada: 10-25 Days.
Free Shipping to EU and other countries: 14-25 Days.

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